Webinars, Support Materials & Resources

Fire Door Safety Week is a national campaign managed by the British Woodworking Federation in order “To raise awareness of the critical role of fire doors, drawing attention to specific issues such as poor installation and Maintenance”.

Visit the BWF Fire Door Alliance dedicated website for more information & latest advice: https://www.firedoorsafetyweek.co.uk

As a leading manufacturer of timber fire doors in the UK and members of the BWF Fire Door Alliance Scheme, we usually run FREE CPD accredited events across the UK with leading industry professionals. 

Useful Support Materials

Useful Support Materials include:

  • Latest Webinar Schedule
  • BWF Fire Door Alliance Best Practice Guide for Fire Doors & Doorsets
  • Secure By Design Brochure
  • Technical Doorset Guide
  • Video: Specification and Installation
  • Video: Acoustic, smoke & fire door seals
  • Video: 5 Step Fire Door Closer Checklist
  • Video: Fire Door Inspections

Fire Door Safety Week Webinars

Our Fire Door Safety webinars are CPD accredited and will provide you with critical knowledge, latest industry insight and legislation from leading industry bodies and suppliers including Arnold Laver Intelligent Door Solutions Division, Lorient, dormakaba, Pyroguard and Fire Door Inspect Ltd.

Each webinar sets out to inform those responsible for specifying, installing and maintaining passive fire protection methods, and are appropriate for anyone who has any influence over the application and use of fire doors including:

  • Local Authorities & Government
  • House builders & Construction
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • Care Homes & Nursing Homes

Useful Videos

The importance of good specification and installation

This video produced by the BWF Fire Alliance Door Scheme shows why specification and correct installation are so important to the performance of a fire door, it features a simple 5 step check, a 3D animation and a real life test that shows just what happens when it goes wrong

Dormakaba’s 5 Step Fire Door Closer Checklist

Fire doors need compliant door hardware and ironmongery to maintain fire safety integrity.

  • Declaration of performance
  • CE test certificate
  • Independent CERTIFIRE fire test certificate
  • Opening force torque curve

Product documentation, test evidence and certification for all dormakaba fire door closers and ironmongery can be found on their website at: www.dormakaba.co.uk/certifications.

Lorient’s acoustic, smoke & fire door seals in building flythrough

Experience how Lorient products protect and preserve many aspects of the built environment with a fascinating virtual tour around a building. By containing fire and smoke, these sealing systems mitigate building damage in the event of a fire – saving costs to building owners, and reducing the environmental damage which can be caused during and after a fire. Lorient’s acoustic door seals help to contain sound within a room, or prevent it entering. Further, their door seals also improve the building’s energy efficiency by keeping in heat.

PyroGuard’s Multi-functional toughened fire safety glass solutions

Multi-functional toughened fire safety glass solutions, all fully tested & certified, and ranging from 30 to 180 minutes fire-rated performance.

If you have any enquiries or are looking to replace your Fire Doors in the next 6 months, please contact our intelligent Door Solutions Division on:

T: 0114 276 4880
E: doorsolutions@laver.co.uk