Secured by Design

Secured by Design

Secured by Design is the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of ‘designing out crime’.

Secured by Design focuses on crime prevention of homes and commercial premises and promotes the use of security standards for a wide range of applications and products.

The principles have been proven to achieve a reduction of crime risk by up to 75%, by combining minimum standards of physical security and welltested principles of natural surveillance and defensible space.

The objective is to reduce burglary and crime in the UK by designing out crime through physical security and processes.

We offer a range of Secured by Design multifunction front entrance door systems which hold Dual Certification for both enhanced Security PAS24:2016 and resistance to fire to BS EN 1634-1 and part ‘M’ of the building regulations.

Secured by Design Doors incorporate a shielded door and frame, hinges and a 3-point locking system. Ideal for use in apartments or multi-occupancy dwellings, these door sets are designed to accommodate a wide range of structural openings.


We offer a wide range of PAS24 high security doorsets which are designed to offer a higher level of security for dwellings and other buildings exposed to comparable risk. They meet the enhanced security performance requirements for doorsets and windows in the UK.

PAS 24: 2012 provides a method for testing and assessing the enhanced security performance requirements of external doorsets and windows providing an easier specification requirement for developments. PAS24 covers doorsets and windows of all material types.

Products are still obligated to meet the material specific requirements as detailed by the product standards for doorsets and windows.