Selected News Article

17 May 2021

Intelligent Door Solutions is go! We’re thrilled to launch National Timber Group’s latest brand.

Today’s the day! May 17th sees the launch of our complete quality door offering, Intelligent Door Solutions. We’re pleased to have our new Managing Director at the helm – Todd Altman – with David Oldfield moving within Lavers to take up position as Intelligent Door Solutions Commercial Director. 

“We’re seriously ambitious in our goals for doors and want to build on the back of really establishing as the industry leader in the UK timber doorset market,” says Todd, “and that meant giving the door solutions division the chance to shine, so we can really focus.” He says that the new Intelligent Doors Solutions brand will also bring recently acquired Thornaby, Thornbridge, Arnold Laver and Rembrand brands under one name, allowing the business to move on with clearer, joint purpose. 

“Intelligent Door Solutions launches at an exciting time”, says David Oldfield. “We’re seeing demand soar, and a real interest in quality, safety-certified and compliant products. This is our world – the National Timber Group’s family of companies has a reputation for quality and compliance that’s at the heart of the Intelligent Door Solutions offer. It’ll be embedded in every part of the product range of fully finished doors and doorsets for commercial and residential markets.”

Intelligent Door Solutions is not only planning to build its customer base and reach with the new brand – there are also plans to collaborate with educators and to develop apprenticeship schemes in future. “We have so much experience and expertise in this team”, says Todd, “and we’re happy to share that, and really being part of driving up quality and safety in the sector, and training new professionals to create the best solutions possible. Innovation is a big part of the work underway here – there are so many ways we can add value to our product. We’re working on some exciting developments and I always want to see innovation and education being a natural part of what Intelligent Door Solutions does.” 

National Timber Group’s doors-focused brand will deliver an enhanced range of products to high manufacturing standards that often exceed third party certifications and accreditations from the likes of the BWF Fire Door Alliance, BM Trada Q-Mark, ISO 9001 and Secured by Design.  

“In any other year we’d be getting everyone together for our launch, but of course it’s different for now”, says David. “We’ll be launching Intelligent Door Solutions live online, and soon afterwards we’ll announce plans for some roundtables and events that can start connecting and sharing expertise across the sector. We’ve re-worked our showroom at HQ and will be rolling-out that interiors branding across our depots, and can’t wait to welcome people in. They’ll get the same trusted team, family-feel and commitment to quality and value, but they’ll see a whole new side of the company through the new brand and our work.”

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